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Take Paws Rescue
- Post Adoption Resources -

We are so happy you have adopted from Take Paws Rescue! 

With all the excitement of meeting your new furry family member and bringing them home, it can be hard to remember all the details of what happens next... Does my puppy need more shots? How do I schedule his neuter appointment? Is her microchip registered? We've included the answers to most of your post-adoption questions in the sections below. 

We wish you and your new dog the very best in their new forever home!


Your adoption fee covers basic core vaccinations. 

Click here:

For information regarding vaccines, timeline, scheduling, and records.

Heartworm Info 


Sadly, Heartworms are an epidemic in the South and many of our adult intakes are heartworm positive. 

Click Here:

For information regarding prevention, testing, and treatment.

Spay & Neuter 

All dogs adopted from Take Paws Rescue are either already spayed or neutered or required to be within a certain timeframe. 

This procedure is included in the adoption fee.

Click here:

For Information regarding spay/neuter timeline and scheduling.

Dog Training

Basic Training is recommended for all adopters, especially first-time dog owners and puppy adopters.

Click here:

For information and resources for local and online training for your new furry family member. 


Your Adoption fee covers a microchip.

Adopted dogs will be microchipped prior to adoption or during their spay/neuter.

Click here:

For Information

regarding microchip registration.

Contract Terms

Every dog adopted from Take Paws Rescue has an

adoption contract outlines requirements for the care of your adopted dog.  It also outlines what to do if you are having issues meeting your dog's needs. 

Click Here:

For our current contract terms.

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