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Thank you for your interest in adopting from Take Paws Rescue. Please see our website to apply.


Please read our FAQ's below before completing an adoption application.  Adopting a rescue dog is not for everyone. Please review the information below to see if rescuing a dog is truly the right decision for you.

Adopting a dog from Take Paws Rescue is a commitment for life.


Many of our adoptable dogs are pretty perfect; they just were not with the perfect family for their needs. But, like people, many dogs are imperfect. Rescue dogs often have unknown backgrounds and some may have either behavioral of health issues that caused them to be surrendered to a shelter or rescue. Some of these issues are a result of neglect, abandonment or simply a poor home environment. While our dogs are in foster homes, we assess their personalities and their quirks. We teach them manners and help some of them learn to trust again. Take Paws Rescue will always disclose any information we have about specific health or behavioral problems that may impact your ability to care for a particular rescue dog, and we ask that you enter into this process with the understanding that adopting a rescue dog is a wonderful and sometimes challenging experience. We strive to match the right dog with the right family to set them up for success.


It is important that adoption from Take Paws Rescue is to a forever home. Adopting a dog requires a commitment from you to work with your adopted dog to help them learn to trust you and to blend into your family. They can’t do this overnight, and they can’t do this by themselves. It takes six to eight weeks for most dogs to acclimate to their new home. If you aren’t willing to work with the dog (and your children, other family members, and resident pets) to address any issues that develop during and after this period, please do not complete the application. While we will always take a dog back into care if an adoption should fail, know that we will expect you to do everything in your power to address the problem first. We will provide you with support and resources to be successful, but your commitment is crucial to success.


Take Paws Rescue reserves the right to deny adoption to families with children under the age of 5.


Why would you not adopt to homes with children under 5?

Most rescue groups have a rule about adopting or not adopting to families with small children. Children under 5 are learning how to live and get along in our world.  These young children cannot yet discriminate between their stuffed animal dog (which takes whatever a toddler can dish out) and a real dog, with real teeth, and with the ability to be hurt and to then hurt in return. Any dog can and will bite given the right circumstances. We routinely re-home dogs because the mix between young child and dog was not a good one. Rescue dogs often have unknown backgrounds/temperaments. Puppies have not yet had time to be socialized and trained in how to behave around children. Therefore, in the best interest of children and dogs not getting hurt, we reserve the right to deny adoption based on having young children in the home.



Available dogs: Please see our website for our available dogs.


Please see our adoption procedures here:




Where is your rescue located?

Take Paws Rescue is a foster based, 100 % volunteer group located in New Orleans, Louisiana. We do not currently have a location where you can meet all of our adoptable dogs.


Where can I meet the dog I’m interested in?

We currently do not have a facility where you can meet our adoptable dogs. Take Paws Rescue is a volunteer, non-profit, foster-based rescue. Please apply to adopt at  and if we think it’s a good fit we will reach out to you and set up a meet and greet and home visit. (We apologize for the inconvenience but the application can only be accessed on a desktop or iPad. You can print out the application PDF and email it to ) We are a busy and fully volunteer-run organization, please be patient if you do not have an immediate response.


It is important that your resident pet(s) meet the prospective dog prior to adoption, and it will be your responsibility to travel to where the dog is being fostered. In some situations, the person fostering the dog may be able to meet you in your home, but we cannot guarantee this. Please also understand that it is impossible to ensure that an adopted dog will get along perfectly with your resident pets even if they have met in advance. Conflicts often arise several weeks into the adoption as a new pack order is established. This is where your commitment will be required to help everyone learn to live harmoniously.


Stray Cafe: We are working on having a space where potential adopters can meet our adoptable dogs. Please see our web page for more information  


Do you do out of state adoptions?

We do not do transports to out of area adopters. If we were to approve an out of area/out of state adoption, then we would require the adopter to pick up the dog and transport it home. If flying, the dog must fly with you in cabin. We do not ever ship dogs.


Holding dogs for adoption: We understand that you may be interested in adopting but you also have travel plans. We are unable to hold dogs for adoption, as this takes up vital space in a foster home that could be used in saving the life of another dog in need.  Please check back with us when you are ready to bring a new family member dog into your home.


Why is there an application fee?  

Take Paws Rescue charges a $10 application fee. The application fee is a donation that helps us to cover the costs of caring for our rescue dogs and therefore is non-refundable. We are a nonprofit, volunteer run organization and we rely of donations, application and adoption fees to save dogs in urgent need.  The application fee will be credited toward the adoption fee at the time of adopting.


We will NOT review any applications from applicants that have not paid the application fee.


Please click DONATE (link below) and leave a note that you are paying an application fee. Your donation is tax-deductible.

Why can’t I fill the application out on my phone?


We apologize for the inconvenience but the application can only be accessed on a desktop or iPad. You can print out the application PDF and email it to



How long does the adoption process take?


We are a busy and fully volunteer-run organization, please be patient if you do not have an immediate response. Every member of our team has many other work and family obligations. We try to be as efficient and responsive as possible. Each adoption application takes time to fully screen.  We strive to respond to you in a timely fashion, and to be honest, respectful, and courteous in all our interactions. Please understand that our primary obligation is to the dogs entrusted to our care. While we realize that our screening process may seem extensive and may occasionally (and unfortunately) eliminate some good homes, it is a process that has been developed through years of experience and we stand firmly behind it.  Our goal is place Take Paws Rescue dogs into their forever homes and we take it very seriously.

What if I have not heard back from Take Paws Rescue after I have submitted an application?


The particular dog that you applied for may have been adopted by the time you complete our adoption process. Please check on the dog’s Petfinder profile to see if the dog has been adopted.


Submitting an application does NOT obligate you to adopt nor does it secure an animal in your name. We do not guarantee placement of any dog into your home and can deny an application based on information gathered. We also reserve the right to deny your application should we determine that false information has been provided.

We do not adopt dogs on a first-come basis. All applications will be screened to determine the most suitable match for the dog and the adopter. Every Take Paws Rescue dog is fostered by a member of our team, and lives in their home as part of their family.  Our foster families get to know the dog, what they need, their level of socialization, and the type of home that will best suit them. The needs of the dogs are our highest priority.


Not everyone who completes an application will be contacted to continue the adoption approval process. We receive several thousands of applications annually and we review each and every complete application that we receive.


Once you have been approved with us as an adopter, we will update you on the status of the dog you originally applied for. If he/she is not already in the process of being adopted, we will determine whether or not that dog is a good match for your home. If the dog is still available and a good match, we will connect you with the dog's foster family so you can meet them. If not, we will discuss other dogs in the rescue that may be a good fit.  We understand that it’s easy to become attached to a dog you’ve found online, but sometimes the dog you applied for may have already been adopted, or is in the process of meeting adopters, or it may just not be the best fit for your home for behavioral reasons. Please remember that there is no shortage in the number of dogs who need to be saved. Sadly, there are far more dogs waiting to be adopted, than there are people who are willing to adopt them. Please keep an open mind and be flexible while we work with you to find the best dog for your home. Please be patient while looking for the right dog for your lifestyle.


Do you do same day adoptions?

Take Paws Rescue does not do same day adoptions. The point of the applicant screening procedures used by animal rescue groups is to ensure the safety of both the animal and their new families, as well as to reduce the chance that the animals will be returned because of an inappropriate match. We are looking for a home that meets each dog’s needs, a forever home. Take Paws Rescue wants to make sure that you have a vet and plan to use it, that you have an appropriate home and lifestyle for the dog that you are adopting. We strive to get each dog adopted into the best possible forever situation.


Home visits: A home visit is required before you can adopt a dog. We strive to place our dogs in the best-suited and safest forever-home environments possible. Every dog is unique and has particular needs, which are assessed while they are living in foster care.


What are the adoption fees? What do they cover?


Adoption fees are due and payable prior to or on the day of adoption, no exceptions, according to the following fee schedule:


Dogs under 12 months - $300.

Dogs over 12 months - $200.


100% of the adoption fee goes back to the care of the dogs. These fees cover the cost of veterinary care for the dogs. All dogs are up to date on vaccinations, are microchipped, and are spayed or neutered. If your newly adopted pup is less than 6 months old, you are obligated to have your Take Paws Rescue puppy spayed/neutered at 6 months of age. We do not want to add to the problem of pet over-population and homeless and unwanted animals.  At 6 months of age, Take Paws will cover the cost of spay/neuter at Batt Veterinary Services, located at Riverbend Stables at  1125 General Ogden, New Orleans, LA 70118   (504) 228-4692


Heartworm treatment: If your newly adopted pup is undergoing heartworm treatment at the time of adoption, Take Paws Rescue will cover the cost of the remaining treatment at Batt Veterinary Services, located at Riverbend Stables at  1125 General Ogden, New Orleans, LA 70118   (504) 228-4692



Please see our website  to pay the adoption fee. If you have any questions, contact


Adopting a rescue dog is not for everyone. Please remember, this is a commitment for life.

Ready to Adopt – please complete our adoption application


We will NOT review any applications from applicants that have not paid the application fee.