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*All Adoption Applicants are required to read in full the following information regarding the Adoption Procedures and FAQs prior to submitting an

Adoption Application.

Adopting a dog from Take Paws Rescue is a commitment for life. While we will always take a dog back into our care if an adoption should fail, know that we will expect you to do everything in your power to address the problem first, including seeking professional training. We will provide you with support and resources to be successful, but your commitment is crucial to success.

In order to provide transparency and clarity into the process, Take Paws Rescue has established the following procedures and policies in relation to the Adoption Process.

Step 1: Read this document in full. It answers most questions we receive regarding the rescue and the adoption process. If you still have questions, email us at

Step 2: Please consider submitting a voluntary suggested Application Donation of $10 via the PayPal link on the Application page.

Step 3: Complete the Adoption Application online. We apologize for the inconvenience, but the application can only be accessed on a desktop or iPad. It does not currently work on most mobile phones. If you cannot complete it online, you can print out the application and email it to (emailed forms will take longer to process).

Step 4: Your application will be reviewed by an Adoption Coordinator.

  • If any information on the application is incomplete or determined to be false, it will be NOT reviewed. (Ex: if you don't give us your landlord or vet's phone number, we won't be able to review it and will mark it incomplete)

  • If, based on your application, you are considered to be a potential adoption candidate, a volunteer Adoption Coordinator will perform a vet reference check, if applicable.

Step 5: If you are considered to be a potential adoption candidate based on the application review and vet reference check, your application will be sent to a Home Visit Coordinator. A Home Visit will be scheduled, and all members of a household (people & animals) must be present for the home visit. If the applicant lives out of the area or state, other arrangements can be made.

Step 6: A member of the Home Visit Team will meet with you at your home. This is a very important step in the adoption process. The volunteer is there to make sure your home environment and lifestyle is a good fit for the pet you are interested in. Our volunteers want the best for the dogs we adopt as well as the people adopting from us. In some instances the visit will be by Facetime or Zoom, as determined by the rescue. 

Step 7: Your Home Visit report will be reviewed by our volunteers. If you are determined to be an Approved Adopter based on your Home Visit, an Adoption Coordinator will contact you to discuss the status of any specific dog/puppy you are interested in adopting. They will assist in setting up visits with available dogs that might be a good fit based on what you are looking for.

Step 8: If, after full approval, there is not an available dog or puppy that is an ideal fit or it is not an ideal time for you to adopt, we will add you to our Pre-Approved Adopter List.  

Q: How long does the adoption process take?

  • Please be patient if you do not have an immediate response. It can take up to a week depending on the volume of applications submitted. Members of our volunteer team has many other work and family obligations in addition to helping the rescue. We try to be as efficient and responsive as possible. Each adoption application takes time to fully screen and we typically receive over 400 applications a month. Please understand that our primary obligation is to the dogs entrusted to our care.

Q: Why is the adoption process so detailed?

  • While we realize that our screening process may seem extensive and may occasionally (and unfortunately) eliminate some good homes, it is a process that has been developed through years of experience and we stand firmly behind it. Our goal is place Take Paws Rescue dogs into their forever homes and we take it very seriously.  We want to do everything we can to ensure the dog and adopters are a good fit. Having to return a dog to the rescue is traumatic for a dog and typically the adopters as well. This is why Take Paws does its due diligence during the application process.

Q: What are the adoption fees?

2022 RATES EFFECTIVE 1/1/2022

  • Benefactor Puppies under 12 months - $550

  • Puppies under 12 months - $350 

  • Benefactor Dogs over 12 months - $450

  • Dogs over 12 months - $250

  • Cats/Kittens-  $150

  • Reduced Rovers - up to $100


 Q: Why did the fees increase in 2022?

  • Take Paws Rescue has been able to avoid adoption fee increases for the past few years; however, recent significant increases in the costs of vetting have forced us to raise the adoption fees effective 1/1/2022 by $50 for each dog. We understand many individuals are feeling the impact of inflation, and our rescue is feeling it as well as our partnership vets. The main driver behind our anticipated cost increases that will be happening in 2022 are due to increased cost of immiticide injections for heartworm positive dogs. Costs per dog for these injections have risen 45 - 118% per dog depending on the size of the animal. Sadly, many of the adult dogs taken into the care of Take Paws Rescue are heartworm positive and require immiticide treatment. The shots alone (not including exams, x-rays, pre-treatment pro-heart and doxycycline) that used to cost Take Paws $343 to $483 per dog are going to cost $500 to $1,000 per dog. In order to continue saving the hundreds of heartworm positive dogs saved annually by Take Paws Rescue, we increased all fees by $50 for 2022. 

 Q: What does the adoption fee cover?

  • Take Paws Rescue covers the costs of the following services performed at one of our partner vets:

    • All core vaccinations prior to adoption, including multiple rounds of puppy vaccinations between 2-4 months of age. Vaccinations include rabies; however, any applicable government licensing or tag fees for registering the animal's ownership and rabies proof with the government is not covered by Take Paws. Registration of your pet might be required, and is typically $10-$25 depending on location.

    • Puppy deworming.

    • Spay/Neuter Surgery, either prior to adoption or performed at 6 months of age if you adopt a puppy under 6 months.

    • Microchip.

    • If your newly adopted pup is undergoing heartworm treatment at the time of adoption, Take Paws Rescue will cover the cost of the remaining treatment.


Q: What if I want to use my own vet for a spay/neuter or do not live close to the veterinarian used by Take Paws Rescue? 

  • Take Paws Rescue has adopters all over the United States and even in Canada. Our adoption fees include the costs associated with the negotiated discounted cost of veterinary care provided by our local veterinarian partners. In order to accommodate out-of-area adopters that will need to obtain some of these services at their own expense, we offer a rebate to Take Paws Rescue adopters that use their own vet at their own expense for some of the eligible services. More information regarding this can be found on our Self-Pay Vetting Rebate Form

Q: What is a Benefactor Puppy or Dog and why is their fee higher?

  • Dogs and puppies with benefactor or higher adoption fees are sometimes purebred dogs or other rescue dogs that are in high demand for one reason or another. They are typically quickly adopted, even with their higher fees. Their increased adoption fees allow them to act as benefactors to other dogs in our care that require special medical care and a better chance at adoption. Some dogs spend over a year in our care and require expensive surgeries, heartworm treatment and professional training. Benefactor dogs help support the care of the dogs most in need with Take Paws, including dogs in the Reduced Rover program.


Q: Why does Take Paws charge so much for their adoptions?

  • The adoption fee goes back towards the care of the dogs saved by Take Paws. These fees help pay for the cost of veterinary care for the dogs, high-quality dog and puppy food fed to dogs while in the rescue, flea/tick/heartworm preventatives and general dog/puppy supplies needed to provide daily care. The average cost to care for a dog while in rescue far exceeds the adoption fee collected. The difference comes from fundraising and donations.


Q: Why do you ask for an Application Donation?

  • Take Paws Rescue requests a one-time voluntary suggested minimum $10 application donation in order to help fund the continued rescue operations. You do not have to pay it separately for each dog you are interested in. This is a donation that helps us to cover the costs of caring for our rescue and is non-refundable. Collection of this minimal one-time donation ensures that applicants are serious about adopting. We receive a lot of applications from all over the country. These donations help the dogs get the care they need. 


Q: Where is your rescue located?

  • ​Take Paws Rescue is a foster-based rescue based in New Orleans, Louisiana. We have fosters throughout the New Orleans and surrounding areas. We are not a shelter.

​Q: What is your phone number?

  • ​Take Paws Rescue has volunteers located all over the New Orleans area. We do not currently have a central phone number. All questions should be sent to This ensures your message if forwarded to the appropriate volunteer for a call-back if needed.

Q: Where can I meet the dog I’m interested in?

  • ​We currently do not have a facility where you can meet all of our adoptable dogs because we are not an animal shelter. Take Paws Rescue is a non-profit, foster-based rescue. This means that most of our dogs live in homes with volunteers until they are adopted.

  • Take Paws holds events around the New Orleans area to provide opportunities for potential adopters to meet dogs. Please follow us @takepawsrescue on Facebook to see a list of upcoming events.

  • Once an applicant is approved through the Application Process, arrangements will be made between the potential adopter and the foster volunteers to introduce you to the dog you are interested in.

  • Stray Café: A few dogs live at our Stray Café as they wait for a foster home or forever family. We have volunteers that help walk these dogs and bring them to events. This is not a location open for unscheduled meet/greets. Please see our web page for more information or follow @straycafebyTakePawsRescue on Facebook for more information and updates.


 Q: Are all adoptions first come first serve?

  • We do not adopt dogs on a first-come basis. All applications will be screened to determine the most suitable match for the dog and the adopter. Every Take Paws Rescue dog is fostered by a member of our team, and lives in their home as part of their family.  Our foster families get to know the dog, what they need, their level of socialization, and the type of home that will best suit them. The needs of the dogs are our highest priority. Applying for a dog your interested in quickly does increase the likelihood your application will be considered though.


Q: Do you do same day adoptions?

  • ​Take Paws Rescue does not do same day adoptions. The point of the applicant screening procedures used by animal rescue groups is to ensure the safety of both the animal and their new families, as well as to reduce the chance that the animals will be returned because of an inappropriate match. All applicants are required to go through the Adoption Process outlined above.

Q: What if I have not heard back from Take Paws Rescue after I have submitted an application?

  • It does take time to process applications, so please be patient.

  • If you indicated on your application that you were only interested in specific dog, the particular dog that you applied for may have been adopted by the time your application was processed. Please check PetFinder to see if the dog is still listed. We update the site daily as adoptions are finalized and new dogs become available for adoption.

  • If at any point during the application process you application is determined to be incomplete, misleading or not factual, it will be denied without notice.

  • Not everyone who submits an application will be contacted to continue the adoption approval process. We receive several thousands of applications annually and we review each and every complete application that we receive.

Q: Do you adopt to homes with small children (under age 5)?

  • Most rescue groups have a rule about adopting or not adopting to families with small children. Children under 5 are learning how to live and get along in our world.  These young children cannot yet discriminate between their stuffed animal dog (which takes whatever a toddler can dish out) and a real dog, with real teeth, and with the ability to be hurt and to then hurt in return. Any dog can and will bite given the right circumstances. We routinely re-home dogs because the mix between young child and dog was not a good one. Rescue dogs often have unknown backgrounds/temperaments. Puppies have not yet had time to be socialized and trained in how to behave around children. Therefore, in the best interest of children and dogs not getting hurt, we reserve the right to deny adoption based on having young children in the home.


Q: Why do I have to be 21 years old to apply?

  • Most rescue groups have a rule about adopting or not adopting to people under the age of 21. Please do not take it personally. We understand there are many responsible young adults that love dogs, but it is our policy to not adopt out to persons under the age of 21 due to the surrender rate amongst younger dog owners. We find that persons under the age of 21 are typically better suited to volunteer with animal care or to serve as a foster parent, opposed to making a life-long commitment to a dog. We will accept applications only from individuals over 21 years of age; however, full-time college students or young adults without their own income may not be approved for adoption. In our experience, full-time college students make excellent fosters, but are advised to wait until they are more settled post-college to make a 10-15 year commitment to an animal. 

Q: Do you do out of state adoptions?

  • We do not transport dogs to out of area adopters, but have adopted out dogs all over the country. If we were to approve an out of area/out of state adoption, we require the adopter to pick up the dog and transport it home. If flying, the dog must fly with you in cabin. We do not ever ship dogs.

Q: Can you hold a dog for me until I am ready to adopt it?

  • We understand that you may be interested in adopting but you also have travel plans, or other obligations that make it difficult to adopt at a certain time. We are unable to hold dogs for adoption, as this takes up vital space in a foster home that could be used in saving the life of another dog in need.  Please check back with us when you are ready to bring a new family member dog into your home, or apply to get pre-approved for a future dog.


Q: What if I want to adopt 2 puppies?

  • We typically do not adopt out 2 puppies to the same home due to the risk of littermate syndrome. If you are contemplating adding 2 puppies of similar age to your home, we suggest speaking to professional dog trainers/behaviorists and do research on this condition.

  • If approved by Take Paws Rescue to adopt 2 puppies, which is rarely permitted, the adopter must complete a supplemental contract, found here

Q: Can I do a sleepover or trial with a dog?

  • We typically allow already approved applicants do an overnight trial with a dog they are approved for. We understand that adding a dog is a lifelong commitment and we want the match to be a good fit. A trial must be approved by the dog's adoption coordinator and the applicant is required to pay the full adoption fee as a refundable deposit prior to doing the trial. The adoption contract would be performed after the trial if the dog and family are a good fit, and the deposit will become the non-refundable adoption fee at that time.

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