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Self-Pay Vetting Rebate Form

Take Paws Rescue has adopters all over the United States and even in Canada. Our adoption fees include the costs associated with the negotiated discounted cost of veterinary care provided by our local veterinarian partners.


In order to accommodate out-of-area adopters that will need to obtain some of these services at their own expense, we offer a rebate to Take Paws Rescue adopters that use their own vet at their own expense for some of the eligible services.

In order to request a rebate, the animal must have been adopted from Take Paws Rescue after 10/1/2020 without a discounted fee applied.  The adoption fee must have been paid via Take Paws Rescue's PayPal account and rebate must be requested no later than 6 months after the adoption date (due to restrictions in refunds through PayPal).  

We CANNOT make exceptions.

The following is the current services considered and maximum rebate amounts:

  • Spay/Neuter - $75

  • Rabies Vaccination - $25

  • Set of core-vaccinations (non-rabies) - $25

    • Puppies, depending on age, may need multiple rounds of vaccinations. Your puppy should receive 1 -2 rounds of vaccinations at least prior to adoption. Up to 2 additional sets will be eligible for rebates. ($25 each max of $50)

  • Immiticide "Fast-kill" Heartworm Treatment - $250

    • $125 rebate at time of first immiticide injection​

    • $125 rebate at the time of second & third immiticice injections

A copy of the medical records must be sent to


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