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Puppy Paw-ty

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Are you looking for a unique way to reward your employees?

or celebrate a special occasion?

A pizza and puppies staff appreciation event?


Cake, ice cream, and birthday puppies?


A puppy proposal?


Just need to de-stress with some puppy kisses?


The possibilities are endless!


When you make a tax-deductible donation to Take Paws, we will bring puppies to your home or office event for your very own puppy party.


To schedule your puppy party please email with the date, time and details of you event and we will be in touch! We would be happy to bring our rescue puppies to your next event and you can feel great about knowing that your tax-deductible donation is going to save lives!


Here are the details:

Events are 1.5 hours and can be scheduled for your home or office. Our minimum donations are typically as follows:

  • Residential Event - Minimum of $300  

  • Small Office Event - Minimum of  $450 

  • Conference or Corporate Function - Starting at minimum of $750

We guarantee a minimum of 4 puppies for your party. If we have more puppies eligible to attend your party we will make every effort to bring more. Please note that we cannot confirm the number or types of puppies until the week before your party as we have no way to predict what puppies will need rescuing and will be in our system until that time. We are a foster-based rescue located in New Orleans and for that reason, we can only accept party bookings in our local area. 


In addition, an indoor location must be secured when the outside temperature is above 75 degrees.

We bring the following items: puppies, water bowls, puppy pee pads, puppy pen/enclosure.  We ask that no food or treats of any kind be given to the pups during the party.

To schedule your puppy party in and around the New Orleans area, please email with the

date, time and details of you event and we will be in touch!

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