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Stray Cafe 

by Take Paws Rescue


The Stray Cafè is located at 2730 Banks St. 

Our dream:  The Stray Café, a new way of saving homeless dogs in New Orleans.




at the Stray Cafe 

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Take Paws Rescue pulls dogs from stressful, crowded shelters and puts them into foster

homes where they socialize, relax and

become themselves again.

The problem is there are never enough foster homes.

Our Stray Café will offer a calm and cozy space for our rescue pups to interact, play, and snuggle

with guests and potential adopters.

It will also be a place to sleep, eat and be

loved until adoption. 


Visitors will have a place to unwind with great dogs and enjoy coffee and snacks.

You might even meet your next best friend!


Louisiana animal shelters are over-crowded.

They need community help! 


The ASPCA estimates that 1.2 million dogs are euthanized in shelters every year for lack of space, resources, and adoptive homes.

Our Stray Café will provide a space to introduce dogs, from puppies to senior and special needs, to potential adopters, and match them with

wonderful forever families.

Visitors who cannot or are not ready to adopt but

love dogs will have a chance to spend quality

time with four-pawed friends.


Thanks to the support of our donors and Stray Cafe Founders, Take Paws Rescue has officially been able to purchase our former rental location at 2730 Banks Street

The location serves as temporary housing for a handful of dogs in need at any given time, is the home-base for our volunteers, and is a much needed storage facility for supplies for the animals both at the café and in foster homes in and around the New Orleans area.

Please stay tuned for grand opening information. 





Take Paws Rescue is a 501c3 nonprofit, meaning your support not only helps the dogs, it is also tax deductible!

We believe that every dog deserves a home.

Your donation will allow us to save more lives and offer fun and a place to snuggle for both dogs

and humans.

We also desperately need volunteers to help us with this project and the residents of the Stray Cafe!

Please see the events on our Facebook Page to sign up for our next Stray Cafe Voluneer Orientation! 

For more info:


​Donate $100 or more and earn a forever photo plaque of your pet on our Founders Wall for all to see.

Read more right here!

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