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Ready to Volunteer?
Please complete our New Volunteer Information Form,
and a coordinator will be in touch on next steps.
A few volunteer roles are outlined below, but the possibilities are endless!


                  Foster Coordinator

Requires patience and good people skills. Give prospective foster providers a clear list of what the group will provide and what the foster provider will be responsible for when caring for animals. Do a home visit and ensure that new fosters sign a foster contract. Respond to foster providers' questions in a timely manner. Additionally, the foster coordinator will help coordinate returns and find a new foster home for pets when necessary. Experienced fosters make great coordinators!

Adoption Coordinator

Adoption coordinators work with our applicants to get them approved and ready to meet their next family member. They field adoption inquiries, applications and coordinate with fosters. They must be comfortable communicating with potential adopters and good with customer service. 

Medical Coordinators and Admins

Our dogs are fully vetted, spayed and neutered either prior to or post adoption based on the age and medical needs of the dogs. The Medical Coordinator helps with scheduling veterinarian appointments and working as a liaison between the rescue group and Batt Veterinary Services. Medical Admins assist with the logging of medical records and procedures in our database and following up on outstanding medical care with fosters and adopters for Take Paws Dogs. These positions are perfect for volunteers that want to work remotely! 

Home Visit Volunteers

We require home visits for all adopters to make sure their home is suitable and safe for one of our dogs. Home visit volunteers perform home visits, and relay information to adoption coordinators. Home visits can be performed both in person and virtually by FaceTime or Zoom.

Vet Reference Volunteers

We require all applicants that own or owned a previous pet to undergo a vet reference verification. Vet Reference Volunteers  make outreach to vets listed on applications to obtain relavent information about the applicant and the care provided to their animals.  They relay information to adoption coordinators. 

Fundraising Team Member

As a member of our fundraising team, you would help lead fundraising initiatives and seek out sponsorships and partnerships with local businesses. This role requires great communication skills and creativity to think outside the box and find new fun ways to raise funds for the rescue dogs! 

Event Leaders

Take Paws Rescue puts on at least one public event a week, sometimes more! Event Leaders do what their role states, lead the events! Event leaders organize volunteers, dogs and supplies for our events. They organize the set up and breakdown of the event, and make sure the event runs smoothly! 

Event Volunteers

As an event volunteer, you would have the opportunity to help the rescue with the weekly events. Event volunteers help with the set up of events, delivery of supplies to events, and handling of dogs at the events. 

Stray Cafe Volunteers

Currently, we are ramping up the Stray Cafe and eager to on-board volunteers to help with this project. Help is needed on the front end to get the cafe up and running and is also needed going forward with the continual care of the resident dogs at the cafe. Stray Cafe Volunteers help clean the dog yard, bath dogs, organize supplies, and walk dogs. 

Click here to find our Facebook Page and sign up for an orientation! 

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