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Take Paws Rescue
- Owner surrender Request form-

Take Paws Rescue intakes animals in need from Shelters,

Unclaimed Strays, and Owner Surrenders.

We know the decision to surrender an animal is

often a difficult one. When owners can no longer care for their animals, a rescue is the best option for finding a new

forever home for the pet. 

Before Surrendering... 

Need help with low cost vet care or discounted training?

We'd love nothing more than for loving owners to be able

to keep their furry family members. 

The The Inner Pup might be able to help!

If you are looking to surrender your dog, please complete the request form below which asks important information

regarding the animal. Our rescue is foster based, so we would

need to find a foster home that matches your dog's needs,

and this form assists us in the process. 

If you need to surrender your dog, but are willing and able to foster your dog while we find the best new home for your dog, please complete our Finder/Owner Foster Form after completion of the Owner Surrender Request Form. Please note, our average length of stay for a healthy adoptable dog is over 6o days. Some dogs depending on age, breed, an specific needs might take over a year to find an adoptive home.   

If we can intake your dog or need further info, we will contact you by phone or email. 

Questions -

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