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Take Paws Rescue
- Spay/Neuter Info -

Why do we need to Spay/Neuter?

  • Every year, millions of unwanted dogs and cats, including puppies and kittens, are euthanized. The good news is that responsible pet owners can make a difference. By having your dog or cat sterilized, you will do your part to prevent the birth of unwanted puppies and kittens. Spaying and neutering prevents unwanted litters, help protect against some serious health problems, and may reduce many of the behavioral problems associated with the mating instinct.

  • Removing a female dog or cat’s ovaries eliminates heat cycles and generally reduces the unwanted behaviors that may lead to owner frustration. Removing the testes from male dogs and cats reduces the breeding instinct, making them less inclined to roam and more content to stay at home.

  • Early spaying of female dogs and cats can help protect them from some serious health problems later in life such as uterine infections and breast cancer. Neutering your male pet can also lessen its risk of developing benign prostatic hyperplasia (enlarged prostate gland) and testicular cancer.

  • The procedure has no effect on a pet’s intelligence or ability to learn, play, work, or hunt. Some pets tend to be better behaved following surgical removal of their ovaries or testes, making them more desirable companions.

Do I need to Spay/Neuter my adopted dog if they are not already?

  • Yes. Applicants agree to this policy on the adoption application when they initially apply to adopt from Take Paws Rescue. Adopters also agree to a Spay/Neuter Contract when completing the Adoption Contract.

When do I need to schedule the spay/neuter procedure?

  • Puppies adopted from Take Paws Rescue that are too young to be fixed will need to be spayed/neutered by 6 months of age. 

    • You will want to schedule the procedure early enough to have the surgery performed when they are 6 months old. Do not wait until they are already 6 months to schedule as there might be a wait time. ​

    • We do not and cannot allow extensions on this deadline. As a rescue operation based in the State of Louisiana, all intact juvenile animals adopted from our organization are required to be spayed/neutered no later than 6 months of age. 

  • Adult dogs adopted from Take Paws Rescue should be spayed/neutered within 4 weeks of adoption. 

    • Most adult dogs are scheduled for a spay/neuter operation, if they are well enough, at the time of intake to the rescue. If not, you should schedule this right after adoption. 

    • Timing around female heat cycle and nursing:

      • If your adopted dog is actively in heat at the time of the adoption, you need to schedule her spay for 2 weeks after the bleeding stops. Spaying during the heat cycle is not ideal. 

      • If your adopted dog had a litter of puppies in rescue, the spay should be scheduled for 4 weeks after the dog is finished whelping her puppies. 

How do I schedule the spay/neuter procedure?

  • To schedule the spay/neuter procedure, you will email

    • A volunteer will assist with scheduling the procedure at one of our partner vets depending on where you live, and the availability of the vets and the adopter.

  • Please contact us no less than 2 weeks before you need to be scheduled. We might have appointments available as soon as the next day in some instances, but that cannot be guaranteed. 

What if I want to use my own vet for the spay/neuter operation or do not live close to the veterinarian used by Take Paws Rescue? 

  • Take Paws Rescue has adopters all over the United States and even in Canada. Our adoption fees include the costs associated with the negotiated discounted cost of veterinary care provided by our local veterinarian partners.

  • To accommodate out-of-area adopters that will need to obtain some of these services at their own expense, we offer a rebate to Take Paws Rescue adopters that use their own vet at their own expense for some of the eligible services.

    • More information regarding this can be found on our Self-Pay Vetting Rebate Form.

      • Take Paws Rescue will not pay a non-partner vet directly and the rebate may not cover the entire out-of-pocket cost of using a vet outside of our partner vets.

  • Even if you do not wish to use the rebate program, you need to send a copy of the procedure record to the rescue as soon as possible. Email the documents to

What is recovery like from the procedure?

  • If scheduled with a partner vet for Take Paws Rescue, a document will be provided with instructions regarding the following:

    • Limited activity (no running/jumping)​

    • No licking allowed at incision site

    • Take protective measures with cone/surgical suit

    • No bathing or water contact for a specified period

  • Adopters will need to obtain their own post-surgical cone or other protective supplies. These items are NOT provided by the rescue or vet for free. Please make arrangements to purchase this ahead of time. 

    • ​Some options for protection included:​

      • Plastic Traditional Cones aka "cone of shame"​

      • Inflatable Cones

      • Surgical Body Suits

    • Options for purchasing:

      • Most major pet store chains sell these items​

      • Amazon and other online retailers may offer a wider selection

    • Always try the item on the dog prior to the day of the operation and verify fitting and prevention of licking access to area where surgery will be performed. 

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