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Adoption Contract Terms
Agreed to upon Adopting

When completing an adoption contract with Take Paws Rescue, and finalizing the adoption, you are agreeing to our terms of adoption. As a reminder, we are including the full contract terms on our website to be referenced back to at any time. The rescue has these terms to protect the animals adopted from Take Paws Rescue. If you have questions about the terms, please email us at


  1. Health of Adopted Animal: The adopter understands that although the animal appears to be healthy and adoptable at this time, no guarantee can be made as to the undetected or sub-clinical disorders or defects. The animal could have been incubating the disease or illness without displaying symptoms at the time of its examination. It is recommended that the adopter test the dog for heartworms 6 months after adoption if the dog tested negative with Take Paws Rescue or was too young to be tested at time of adoption.     

  2. Suitable Home: The adopter agrees to provide a good home for the adopted animal. A good home is one that provides proper nutritionally rich food, water, a safe, sanitary environment, and both emergency care and routine veterinary care; the animal must receive regular veterinary check-ups, at least on an annual basis, as well as exercise, love and attention. All adopted dogs must receive medication for the prevention of heartworms. The Adopter shall also observe all state and local animal ordinances and anti-cruelty laws.   

  3. Surgical Sterilization: The Adopter understands that this animal has been or is required to be surgically sterilized. As a consideration for the privilege of adopting this animal, the Adopter hereby agrees to waive any and all claims for damages against adoption agency, rescue group, its officers, volunteers and contractors, in the event of injury to this animal during sterilization and veterinary procedures.    

  4. If the dog has not been sterilized prior to this adoption due to age or physical condition, you agree to have the dog spayed/neutered in accordance with our Veterinarian's recommendation. (If adopting a puppy - our Veterinarian's recommended age is 6 months old - no exceptions)    

  5. If not already spayed/neutered, adopter must provide record of the required procedure to Take Paws immediately upon completion. Take Paws reserves the right to reclaim the dog if no proof of the procedure is provided and/or if the procedure is not performed by our Veterinarian's recommended age/date. Please either confirm the dog is already spayed/neutered below or provide the scheduled or anticipated date of the procedure below to ensure you understand this policy:  

  6. Private Veterinary Care: The Adopter understands that the adoption agency or rescue is not responsible for any private veterinary care expenses incurred on behalf of this animal, including emergency or after-hours care.    

  7. Repossession: The adoption agency or rescue has the right to repossess the animal, if, in its sole opinion, any provisions of this contract have been breached. The adoption agency or rescue can/will make periodic unscheduled checks at the home of adopter for review of conditions and animal's general well being.    

  8. Inability to Keep Animal: The Adopter agrees to surrender this pet to the adoption agency or rescue if he/she no longer wants it, can no longer adequately care for it, or if this contract is violated in any way, Ownership of the animal may not be transferred to any other person, shelter, rescue or agency.    

  9. Return: The adopter agrees that if any issues arise as their young puppy/dog ages, he/she will confront the problem with assistance/a trainer before looking to surrender back to the rescue.    

  10. Medical Treatment: If the Adopter elects to adopt an animal that appears to have health problems at the time of adoption, the Adopter acknowledges that he/she will assume the costs of treating the animal.    

  11. Temperament/Behavior/Breed: The Adopter understands and agrees that animals are different from human beings in their responses to human actions; that the actions of animals are often unpredictable; that animals should be closely supervised when they are with children and the the adoption agency/rescue makes no claim, representation or warrant regarding any animal put up for adoption for its behavior, temperament or physical condition. The adopter understands that any breed labels used by Take Paws Rescue, its employees/volunteers, or on vet records provided cannot be guaranteed. Breed labels are given based on information obtained during intake and/or best guesses based on appearance and/or temperament of the dogs and Take Paws Rescue gives no assurance to the accuracy of these labels. Labels are necessary for postings to many animal networking sites, such as Pet Finder, and are no way a guarantee. Additionally, exact age and potential size cannot be guaranteed.  

  12. Confine and/or Control: The Adopter agrees to humanely confine and control this pet at all times. The adopter shall not permit the animal to run-at-large, and not allow it to create any type of public nuisance. Adopter is not to keep the dog as an "outside dog".    Agree    

  13. Release and Discharge: The Adopter accepts possession, ownership and responsibility for the animal at his/her own risk and agrees not to use or make any claims, demands or actions against the adoption agency/rescue and/or its agents regarding or arising from the adopted animal. Adopter agrees that he/she has the right to release and waive such rights and claims that this release, waiver and disclosure in favor of the adoption agency/rescue includes respective agents. The adoption fee is non-refundable or transferable.

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