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         Coordinator Positions

Foster Coordinators

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Requires patience and good people skills. Give prospective foster providers a clear list of what the group will provide and what the foster provider will be responsible for when caring for animals. Do a home visit and ensure that new fosters sign a foster contract. Respond to foster providers' questions in a timely manner. Additionally, the foster coordinator will help coordinate returns and find a new foster home for pets when necessary

Adoption Coordinators

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Can't foster? No problem! You can help from the comfort of your home! Adoption coordinators work with our applicants to get them approved and ready to meet their next family member. Field adoption inquiries, applications and coordinate with fosters. Must be comfortable communicating with potential adopters and good with customer service. Perform home visits, or coordinate with fosters to do so. We require home visits for all adopters to make sure their home is suitable and safe for one of our dogs. 

Medical Coordinator

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All of our dogs are fully vetted, spayed and neutered prior to adoption. The Medical Coordinator helps with scheduling veterinarian appointments and working as a liaison between the rescue group and Batt Veterinary Services. 

Financial Coordinator

Keep track of the rescues’ finances, both outgoing expenses and incoming donations. Prepare paperwork for CPA to file 990 tax return 

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