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Monique Bonnaffons

Monique Bonnaffons is the Founder/Executive Director of Take Paws Rescue located in New Orleans, Louisiana. A native New Orleanean, she completed her studies at Franklin College and a successful career as a Court Reporter.  She went on to pursue a passion and opened a boutique in Lakeview, during which time she experienced a situation which would change the course of her life and bring her to her calling.  In 2015, after rescuing Clarence from a life or death situation, Monique followed her heart and, with the endless support of her husband and five children, started Take Paws Rescue.  

Always having a love for animals and pulling for the underdog, there was no going back. With Monique’s constant nurturing of the rescue, it’s grown from 40 dogs a month to its current size of nearly 200 dogs monthly. She has surrounded herself with hundreds of amazing volunteers that continue to grow the rescue operation across the state of Louisiana and beyond.  Through this calling, Monique has proven to be a tireless advocate for animal rights and is determined that Take Paws will make a difference in the lives of countless rescues and fosters on their journey to their forever homes.  



Mary Ann Cardinale


Mary Ann Cardinale has been a dog lover since childhood.


“My mom was the original dog rescuer, but in those days that meant we just took them all into our home. In and out of our lives went strays and unwanted dogs and cats through a revolving door of fur! After Hurricane Katrina, due to needed help with my pet German Shepherd, I discovered actual rescue groups full of people that cared deeply about pets and all animals. Not to mention the awe-inspiring animal rescue volunteers that came to the city in droves out of pure selfless sacrifice. This started the drive to become a rescuer. Fostering, transporting, bathing, capturing, walking, running errands, working at events, planning, paperwork, social media and even an occasional late-night kidnapping (oops I mean SAVING). 


When not spending as much time as possible rescuing, I am a dedicated wife, mom, grandma, daughter, insurance agent, and partner in a house remodeling business”


            She can be contacted at

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